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Fine Screens 

SLB Screening Conveyor Compactor
SLB Screening Conveyor Compactor

Watermark offers multiple types of perforated plate fine screens and washer compactors to remove problematic and unwanted debris from your municipal or industrial waste stream:

SLB - The IPEC SLB is an “all in one” screen and compactor for pumped flows up to 300 gpm.

Vertical Auger Monster

Auger Monster – The JWC Auger Monster is an “all in one” screen and compactor solution

available either in an inclined open channel or vertical configuration to remove, clean, compact

and dewater the screened material.

Bandscreen Monster

Bandscreens– UHMW center flow type screen where material capture is crucial – 2, 3, or 6mm perforations.


Finescreens– flow through screen with option for UHMW “Staple Guard” panels – 3 or 6mm perforations.

Drumscreen Monster for fine screening

Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screens– for pumped flows. Available in either perforated plate, wedgewire or wire mesh to provide the greatest degree of material capture. Widely used for MBR protection. 

Externally Fed Drum Screen.jpg

Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen– self-cleaning and effective for wastewaters high in FOG or scum. Industrial applications include meat & poultry processing, seafood offal effluent and pulp and paper debarking.

Monster Wash Press

JWC Monster Wash Press (MWP) will clean, compact and dewater the screened debris. This keeps the organics in the liquid stream and lowers the amount of material sent to the landfill.  The MWP can be supplied with or without the grinder depending on the degree of conditioning desired. 

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