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Solids Dewatering

Tritan belt filter press
Flo Trend Roll Off Sludge Mate

Aero-Mod offers two dewatering options:

The Tritan belt filter press and a Rotary Drum Thickener (RDT). Typically, the Tritan belt filter press can achieve 15%-18% dry solids for aerobic sludges (higher for anaerobic) and the RDT will produce between 6%-9% dry solids. The RDT has helped multiple Pennsylvania municipalities lower their sludge costs by hauling more solids and less water.

JWC Environmental’s Monster Drum Thickener uses woven wire mesh panels for superior capture efficiencies up to 98%. These individual panels can be readily replaced should damage occur or sludge parameters change.

Flo Trend offers dewatering solutions for both municipal and industrial wastes. The container filters are available in a wide range of sizes and filter medias depending on your sludge type. Polymer systems can be supplied with the containers for a complete system.  

GFS Wedgewater Filter Bed

Gravity Flow Systems Southwest (GFS) provides the Wedgewater filter bed, an interlocking polyurethane media. This cost effective filter media is corrosion resistant and uses a fraction of the space required by sand drying beds. Perfect for retrofitting existing filter beds to provide additional dewatering capacity.

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