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Bars Screens 

SLB Screening Conveyor Compactor

Watermark offers multiple types of Vulcan bar screens, wash presses, and shaftless screw conveyors to provide rugged solutions for your heavy duty screening needs:

Vulcan Mensch -  a severe duty screen with 3/8” thick x minimum 36” wide side frames and dual rake arms. Sets the standard for the most severe wastewater, combined sewer and storm water applications. Installs in channel widths from 18 in to 13 ft and depths up to 100 ft. Typical setting angles between 45 and 90 degrees. Here is the Mensch screen on Vulcan's YouTube channel: Mensch

Vulcan VMR Multi-Rake bar screen  -  Designed for use in high throughput volume applications, the VMR Multi-Rake Screen can efficiently remove large amounts of screenings.  This screen has 1/4” thick by 28” deep rigid side frames; the most robust side frames in the industry for this type of screen.  Learn more about the VMR screen on Vulcan's YouTube channel: VMR

Vulcan VKR Knuckle-Rake screen has no lower sprockets or guides in the waste stream. Channel widths from 12 in to 4 ft and depths to 20 ft. Scoop shovel shaped rake shelves for high solids loading in each pass resulting in no loss of materials collected by the rake. Brushless, water-free automatic discharge wiper eliminates brush adjustments and messy discharges. See it on Vulcan's YouTube: VKR

Vulcan EWP Washing Press is a spiral press that washes organic matter out of screenings material. It washes, dewaters, compacts and transports screenings to a conveyor, container or other suitable receiving device reliably—day in and day out. Check out the EWP in action at the Vulcan YouTube Channel: EWP video

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